GYPSY BIZ a place for creative passionate entrepreneurs
This is for brave individuals who are gutsy enough to open their own studio, bakery, coffee shop, restaurant, guesthouse or any Unique Boutique Style Independent Business. 
The 5 day Love Affair Challenge
for future Business owners
This unique Free program is for those who want to do what they LOVE, have fun doing it, but still want to be taken seriously as a visionary business person! 
Do you want to start your own truly authentic business BUT 
you just don't know where to start and wonder: 
Is this even possible for me?
In this FREE 5-day mini-program, you will get all excited
and clear about the possibilities that await you.
  • You will see how you can turn your vision into a profitable and powerful business. 
  • You will get clear prompts and support on how to find the LOVE for your Business or Business To Be.
  • ​Each day you get access to a 15-minute live call.
  • You will know where to start and where to go from here.
  • You will be encouraged to imagine YOUR very own authentic dream business  - in technicolour vividness
  • ​You can interact with other colourful creatives in our private Facebook group
In 5 days you get to remember why you LOVE what you do and you will be encouraged to follow your passion.
If you are stressed and have fallen out of love with your business – 
this is definitely for you!
Meet Sandy 
Business Start up Specialist and Gypsy at Heart.
I follow this exact same process for my own physical and online businesses. 
I had an idea, drew a pencil sketch and 
fell in LOVE with it!
I LOVE my business like a living being. 
I have extreme passion for what I do.
I dreamt it – I did it – I am still doing it.

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